A few examples of successful projects within more than 120 assignments in Asia


Consulting and training assignments at a company level 


Organization concerned

 Outputs of the project

Improve the efficiency 
of the training  method                                                  

Soft drinks company (10,000 staff)                   

- 10 sales training packages redesigned using the “learner-centered approach” 
and 80 sales managers with a new vision and practice of training

Industrial conglomerate (30,000 staff)

- More than 100 engineers, trainers with a new practice of training and 40 technical training packages redesigned using the “learner-centered approach” 

Change the management culture

Optical company 
(5,000 staff)

- New management practices of more than 300 managers, supervisors, and leaders thanks to the implementation of leadership development programs using a 70-20-10 learning approach with integration of training, coaching, applications, microlearning

Support staff development

Telecom company (20,000 staff)

- Competency system and assessment with 5 core, 6 managerial and 73 functional competencies

Structure HR system to meet international standards                     

Largest retail company in Myanmar

- HR audit and structuration in 8 HR processes with the procedures concerned

Support career path and performance 
evaluation system of operators

in the construction sector

- KPI system and more than 30 training and certification manuals and standards for workers and foremen

Mechanical factory

- Operators classification system including training and certification processes

Strengthen a training academy to  meet international standards


Telecom company (20,000 staff)                                     

- Training academy manual with all processes,  forms, and templates, with the training of trainers to support sustainability

Evaluate the efficiency of training

Bank (25,000 staff)

- Measurement of the financial Return on Investment of more than 30 management and technical training programs to support improvement


 Consulting assignments at a country level 


Organization concerned


Improve the vocational education system to meet international standards

Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Welfare, Vietnam 

- Transfer of French vocational education programs by a team of 10 consultants and 12 Vietnamese-French public and private organizations for a budget of 32 M. EUR

Plan the strategy and development plan  of vocational education 


Ministry of Education, Laos


- Master Plan of Technical and Vocational Education and Training with 8 strategies, 27 focus areas, 110 activities for the next 5 years for a budget of more than 200 M. USD.

Build competency references for 

International Labour Organisation, Asia

- Three manuals describing competency standards: welding, garment, core skills

Create a national training academy

Garment Manufacturers Association, Cambodia

- Feasibility study followed by the creation of a 4 M. USD investment project of a training academy

Improve the national vocational education system


Asian Development Bank, Laos


- Overall five years planning of activities for a 23.6 M. USD grant to the Lao government

Design a training of trainers’ program

European Union, Bangladesh

 - A 60 days modular training program for 200 trainers using a competency-based approach