Improve the Performance of Learning & Development Programs 


1. Implementation of Individual Development Plans using the 70 - 20 - 10 Method

Many companies and organizations spend too much time to organize training courses and not enough to follow up the integration into the work



2. Building Training Reinforcement Programs

Following the Ebbinghaus curve, we forget 75% of the learning, 48 hours after the event. 
Reinforcement programs are essential to generate new behaviors at work.
We can provide three Smartphones Applications:
1. Simple Quizz
2. Gamification of microlearning
3. Training reinforcement focusing on behavior change 


3. Measure of the Return on Investment (ROI) of Learning Programs

ANC is able to measure the financial return on investment of any kind of training programs by using the Phillips ROI process:  


4. Building Overall Coherence of the Learning Program

The program should use a learner-centered method of training during the session, be based on
competencies and supported by a solid evaluation system.